The Audience is among the most diverse you’ll see in any London Theatre and the setting, particularly as the evening beds in, lends itself perfectly to the summer atmosphere
— Time Out
  • In 2018 we performed for 15,624 people over 4 weeks with our productions of ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’ and ‘King Arthur’.

  • 49% were under 35 years old

  • 72% were Londoners

  • 34% do not identify themselves as White

  • 79% said that the price of theatre tickets prevents them from going more often and

  • 11% had not been to the theatre once in the previous year

  • 99% said they though the performance was 'Excellent' or Great'!

  • 16% were experiencing their first visit to the theatre - that’s 2,500 people!


In 16 years we’ve performed to over 350,000+ people