Our aim is to bring local communities together by enabling all people, irrespective of age, education, financial circumstances, physical ability or ethnic background, to access and participate in stimulating and entertaining free theatre. 

Since 2003 the Free Open-Air Theatre Season has provided London’s only free-for-all professional dramatic productions at the thousand-seater amphitheatre, The Scoop, in front of London’s City Hall. Over those fifteen years the season has reached an estimated total audience of 350,000+ people, including local children and families.

The company keeps alive in the Capital a tradition of free open-air theatre that stretches back centuries; but which has been superseded by enclosed theatre buildings that cost money to enter. For many they are unaffordable and put up cultural barriers to the experience of drama.

By offering popular stories told in bold and innovative ways, entirely for free, London’s Free Open-Air Theatre Season nurtures audiences who may have never entered a theatre building.

Staff Team

Creative Producer  Suzanna Rosenthal

General Management & Fundraising is provided for the Season by Iris Theatre:
Senior Producer (Iris Theatre) Emma Murton
Co Producer (Iris Theatre) Daniel Winder

Board of Trustees
Rory Coonan (Chair), Tim Sawers (Treasurer), Jeremy Meadow