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Arthur is chosen as the unlikely king of a mythical, medieval England. Aided by the wizard Merlin and opposed by the ruthless enchantress, Morgan le Fay, he must unite a fractured kingdom.
He establishes a golden age leading a new breed of honourable brother-sister knights, who gather democratically around his famous round table. But the idyllic peace and harmony is threatened by rivalry and unexpected betrayals of the heart, including the love of Arthur’s queen, Guinevere for his best friend, Lancelot.  
Drawing from the beautiful ancient text of Sir Thomas Malory’s celebrated telling of the Camelot myths, Le Morte D’Artur, our romantic, action packed, dramatic account of King Arthur’s reign will captivate anyone who appreciates the power of language, potent symbolism and an epic story, well told. 


8th August - 2nd September 2018
Wed-Sat 7:30pm || Sun 5:30pm
17th August, 7:30pm - Captioned Performance
25th August, 6:30pm - Earlier Relaxed Performance

Free Entry - No Tickets Needed!         


Each evening before KING ARTHUR  younger audiences and their friends and families can enjoy our production of the WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ